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Elite treks is one of the leading travel operator of its kind, located in the center of the Kathmandu tourist area (Thamel). We are effectively organizing a various trip program in Nepal, especially operating adventure activities like fully habitual in the representing area. Elite’s holiday program package will be flexible to suit the costumers’ requirements taking into the group size, date, and the budget. We ensure that you have safe holiday journey form the foot of the Nepal up-to the highest Himalayan range and all you wanting will be met.

With all the highest peak in the world, Nepal has consist eight highest peaks along with Mount Everest (8,848 meters). For the adventure travel, we are providing high land trekking in Nepal. Elite Tour & Treks is for the quality service and product package for tour and travel all around Nepal. Elite Treks is providing you the services like; trekking all around Nepal, Tour, Sightseeing, etc. We are sure that you will get the adventure experience with Elite’s services. There is no any compromise with the service and the package price, you can get the any of the services that you want from us. Here we have holiday package; private, group, family, private group, single, couple, friends, etc. tour and trekking packages.

Trekking, expedition, peak climbing, hiking, rafting, tour, sightseeing, bunji jump, heritage tour, wildlife jungle safari, mountain flight, etc. are the most popular activates in Nepal, and traveler is attracted to the trekking hub, Spiritual Mountain, high land expedition, longest mountain river, old heritage, rare wildlife habitat,  of Nepal. We can provide you the any of the packages as the choice.

We are experienced, license holder’s, reliable guide working more than one five of years in the same field having extensive experience. As the costumer choice, language-based guide will be provided.