Manaslu Trek Information

Manaslu Trek information

Manaslu trek here is another awesome trek that is on the trend. You can probably add it to your list if you are about to visit Nepal. Besides that, it is known for its tea-house trek. As you go off the track you may require camping.

If you want to experience a remote trek it is the best idea for you. Trekking in Manaslu can bring you an advantage of splendid views of mount Manaslu with an altitude of 8613m (enlisted as world’s 8th highest mountains). The Ganesh Himal is also in the range of Manaslu.

This trek includes all the trails that classic treks include from the accommodation to the transportation. Larkya la pass, highest destination for your trek at 5125m high is the long pass.

Major Adventurous Activities in Manaslu

Manaslu region is also the adventurous region for trekking, hiking, camping, climbing and so on. 

Trekking and Hiking

Trekking or hiking can be one of the advent ours activities between the lap of Manaslu. Though the trip is quite challenging one should be trained.The Manaslu circuit trek starting from Arughat bazar ending 2-3 weeks later at besisahar.

The trek is the great Himalayan trail. Trekking can also be done in the Tsum valley, Nar Phu valley and the lower Manaslu. Where as hiking can be done if you go off-road accompanied by the camping.

Climbing and expedition

As you know that the climbing is a recreational activity. Climbing helps you explore the remote area around Dhaulagiri or simply the mountain climbing. You should be properly trained and be fully equipped, the victory in Manaslu leaves you with the confident of acquiring the Everest.

You can also carry out your researches, history or any kind of exploration as the Manaslu region too has history behind it. The exploration of the present condition of the natives may be a good idea too.


 It a great opportunity to capture what have you experienced. Whether it’s about the locals or you’re travelling experience.This brings you up with the idea of living the life to the fullest. You can also help one to know what you have experienced.


So, as you go off the beaten road there are no accommodations though it’s a great idea if you want to camp under the dark sky with the twinkling stars. Doing some fireworkin group while camping would be wonderful deep inside the lush jungle.


 Usually, for an excursion you can visit locals get known to their cultures andalso visit some of the famous trekking valleys as the Tsum valley, Nar Phu-valley and many more.

Horse Trek

 You can rent a horse if you enjoy horse riding during your trekking.

And if you would love to do some social works conducting a health camp, awareness program, and charity  would be an better idea as you don’t find much facilities in rural.

Manaslu Trek Itineraries

A wonderful trekking route which allows you to circuit trial to the Mt. Manaslu and its conservation area. Manaslu region contains a world’s 8th highest peak, which is the main attraction of the trial. Some major trekking trials of this region are:

These are the major trekking route of this region. We can customize any of your trips according to your need and requirements. Generally, Manaslu region trek takes 2 and more than two weeks adding arrival and departure day. Send us a mail here to customize your trip.

Manaslu Circuit Trek
Picture Taken while doing Manaslu Circuit Trek 

Manaslu Trekking Map

Click here run the Flash Player to see the map. We will provide the printed map free of cost if you book a trip with us. 

Major Attraction of Manaslu Trek

Flora & Fauna

Due to the rich in bio-diversity, Manaslu region is a sanctuary to many endangered birds and animals including Red Pandas and Snow Leopards. This region contains many mammals like; lynx, Asian Black Bear, Grey Wolf, Dhole, Assam macaque, Himalayan Musk Deer, Blue Sheep, Himalayan Tahr, Mainland Serow, Himalayan Goral, Woolly Hare,Horseshoe Bat, Himalayan mouse-hare and Black-Lipped Pika. Over 110 species of birds, 33 mammals, 11 butterflies and 3 reptiles came into count up to now. The conservation program is on running in this region also hunting is strictly banned in this region.

This region is covered with three main categories of vegetation.These depend on the basis of altitude and geostructure with its dominant greenforest and species. There are 19 types of forest including the mostly inhabitant of Rhododendron and blue pine trees. Also, many medicinal herbs were recorded.

Different Climatic Zones of Manaslu

Manaslu region consists of six different climatic zones varies as follow:

  • the tropical and subtropical zone, elevation varies from 1,000–2,000 metres (3,300–6,600 ft);
  • the temperate zone (within elevation range of 2,000–3,000 metres (6,600–9,800 ft);
  • the sub-alpine zone elevation range of 3,000–4,000 metres (9,800–13,100 ft);
  • the alpine zone, a range of 4,000–5,000 metres (13,000–16,000 ft)) meadows;
  • and the arctic zone (lying above 4,500 metres (14,800 ft))

The temperature of the region varies as follow:

RegionSummer TemperatureWinter Temperature
SubtropicalVaries from 31 to 34 °CVaries from  8 to 13°C
Temperate ClimaticVaries from  22 to 25 °CVaries from  -2 to -6 °C
SubalpineDuring December to May; Snowfall Occurs Annual Temperature varies from 6 to 10 °C

FAQS About Manaslu Trek

Here are some sample of questions and the answers. If you have any questions related to the Manaslu trek, please comment us below. We will shortly provide you the answer with your mail address as well we will publish here.

How long is the Manaslu Trek?

Manaslu trek generally starts from Seti Khola near to Arught, Gorkha district and ends in Besisahar. The trek may last for 2 or more than two weeks. The trek duration depends up one trials of the treks like; Manaslu circuit trek, Tsum valley trek, any other routes.

How difficult is the Manaslu Trek?

Manaslu treks are off-beaten treks to the remote village of Gorkha district, Nepal. The trekking grade is mostly difficult to the beginner trekkers. But anyone who have basic fitness level can complete the trek in this region.

How high is Mt Manaslu?

Manaslu is the eighth-highest peak in the world which is located in Gorkha district, Nepal having elevation of 8163 meters from Sea level. Starting from Arughat and extending into the Larkhe La pass, the area covers six climatic zones: the tropical and sub-tropical zone, elevation varies from 1,000–2,000 metres (3,300–6,600 ft); the temperate zone (within elevation range of 2,000–3,000 metres (6,600–9,800 ft); the sub-alpine zone elevation range of 3,000–4,000 metres (9,800–13,100 ft); the alpine zone, a range of 4,000–5,000 metres (13,000–16,000 ft)) meadows; and the arctic zone (lying above 4,500 metres (14,800 ft)).

These are the major Manaslu Trek Information. Read more about things to do in Nepal. Want to explore Nepal and Manaslu at an affordable cost? Speak to a travel expert at EliteTreks, book a free consultation today! Also, call us on WhatsApp us +977-9846730910.

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