Trekking and Hiking are pretty similar in activities but hiking is a daily activity and trekking would be as long as possible in Nepal. Mostly, trekking in Nepal is the most popular activity done on the following regions:

Hiking in the act of walking for a long range of time period to take adventure enjoyment of Nature. Extend the overnight becomes backpacking. Nowadays, hiking is going most popular whole over the world. However, we can hike for many days but this is known as backpacking rather than completely hiking. The hike can be done on flat trails up to the slope hills. It’s basically just moving on trials, can involve trials like the top of the mountain or flat area.

Trekking is walking for the long distance through the mountain as well. Bring out of hiking, trekking is always a multi day affair. Treks have the real infrastructure of wide trials, boarding, foods, etc. Hiking and Trekking are pretty similar. Hiking can summit within a day while trekking takes little more days to finish.