Best Time to Visit Nepal

best time to visit nepal

Generally, for touring, all the seasons are perfect. Mainly, we need to know the best time for hiking and climbing the peaks in Nepal. There are more than 13 thousand peaks in Nepal above 6000 meters in altitude. Among them, 238 peaks are opened for climbing and hiking.

Also, eight highest peaks above 8000 meters are in Nepal among 14 peaks in the World. Among top 10 highest peaks in the world, Nepal consists 8 of them in including the highest peak Mount Everest (8,848 meters).

Probably, there is two main seasons for trekking & climbing in Nepal. Autumn and spring are these two seasons however the climate is best to visit the mountains of Nepal. 

We would like to recommend for travelers to visit Nepal with in these seasons. Not only that, but other time also good to so trekking. Mostly these are the best time.

Highlights with Seasons/Months to Visit Nepal


Best tourist season is the September to October in Nepal. This is also the season for biggest Hindus festivities as Nepali celebrates Dashain and Tihar. Tourism in Nepal blooms the most during these months.


Between November and December the sky is usually clear and hence the mountain and the country offers eye-catching views all over. The temperature is also not bad. We can enjoy nature with the beautiful climate. This is the best season to visit in Nepal, the weather remains dry.


January and February is the winter season, could be very cold. However, the season is good for trekking and hiking in lower elevations. Also, touring in Nepal is also one another activity done in this season.


March to May is time for flowers to blossom in the forest as well all the flowering plants. And the Rhododendrons sweeps the ascending altitudes with colour and beauty. It is the national flower of Nepal.


Summers and Monsoons are held in June to the first of August coincide in Nepal. The weather is hot and wet. The monsoon in Nepal is different from other parts of Asia. It generally rains in the evening and sometimes whole over the night too.

It is hard to say that it stops in the morning. Moreover, some parts of the Himalayas in Upper Mustang and Dolpo are in rain-shadow areas because high mountains block the clouds. Here, the monsoon is starts from the Bay of Bengal, south part of Nepal.

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Which is the best season to visit Nepal?

Best time for trekking

In the contest of trekking, the best months are first of the year after winter in Nepal like March to May. After these months monsoon starts in Nepal and after monsoon late of August to November are the best time for trekking. If you are confuse choosing the trek, read our article about how to chose a trek in Nepal.

Best time for Climbing and Expedition

The best time for the expedition is an autumn season. This season fall on mid-September to mid-November. After this spring is also the best season. This season I Nepal falls on mid-March to mid-May.

Best time for a tour

In Nepal, all around the year is the best season for the tour. Of course, the best season for trekking and expedition is also the best for touring. If you are interested in a tour in Nepal and don’t have time in those best seasons, you can do a tour in Nepal all-round the year.

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