Activities In Everest

activities in Everest

There are many activities in Everest to do. Mainly trekking and climbing are the major activity to do there.

The most challenging and adventurous experience that you would love to experience is the activities that are carried out on Mount Everest. Mount Everest, the highest peak of the world with the altitude of 8,848 meters is known for tough, dangerous and risky challenges all over the world. The activities in Everest are as follows.

Popular Activities in Everest


One of the most interesting things to do on the Everest is skiing although not all of its part is good. Mainly the cross-country skiing is more challenging and one should gain all the skills, knowledge and the safety measures regarding the topic. Winter season is appropriate for the skiing.


Skiing done with the help of the helicopter to go on the mentioned height and jumping on the snow then sliding down the hill. There too you need to know all the safety measures then slide down the hills feeling the nature. Beside this you can explore by Everest helicopter tour.

Yak Safaris

Generally, yak are found in the Himalayas that are used either for the transportation or one can enjoy the ride sitting on its back and the ride is known as the yak safari. Taking a mountain safari on yak fascinates the people most because they are a way kind of interesting.

Mountain Climbing

To reach the peak of the mountain one should climb it up. It is a very tough and dangerous experience and is the most costly too after all you are about to climb the highest peak of the world. You need lots of equipment as well as all the gadgets and should also hire your own personal mountain guide which is very expensive.


Camping is the common activity that you do on the Everest as you need some rest after you climb up the certain bunch of snow. You can also camp on the lower parts of the mountain where you can find scenarios that can really freshen up your mind and mood. Find yourself between nature and the never-ending memories.

Hiking And Trekking

Everest is the most satisfying and wonderful destination to hike. The betterment form of the mountain climbing can be the hiking. People having fear of altitudes or having the altitude problem can hike in the downhills where there is Reserve Park. As well as backpackers people who have the limited destination are generally who have fear or the altitude problems.

activities in Everest
Hiking in Everest From Namche Bazaar

To escape form these you can read article about how to chose a trekking in Nepal and best time to visit Nepal.

Gondola Rides

The ride from the cable car is also exciting especially when it comes to the Gulag Gondola which is the 2nd highest in Asia. The ride is from the 9,000 feet below that goes up to the height above the 10,000 feet. It sounds really amazing and interesting too after all you can experience heaven at a sight.

Mountain biking

Unlike hiking and trekking, you can experience something that you really recreate it or make your trip enjoyable and full of fun. Fully equipped and trained can give you more adventure and fun. So get ready for it.

Experiencing Nepalese Culture

Being in the Nepal land, of course, you can get to know more about the Nepali culture as well as the tradition. This is an additional advantage that you could get in this region because you can get close to the tradition and the cultures of the Himalayan people.

Water Rafting

The water for the rafting needs to be turbulent and white water. It requires the different level and degree of roughness of the water flow. Hence the water emerging from the mountain suits the condition for the rafting. With the skills and as well the equipment and safety measures. Here are the major rafting destinations in Nepal.

Suggestion About Activities In Everest

Other recreational activities in Everest can be riding horse sleighs which aren’t in the Everest but can be created. Moreover, you can too create the ideas that fit to do while you are on the Everest. As well keep on mind that safety measures and well –equipped can make your journey much more amazing and wow some. There you go and enjoy.

How High Is Mount Everest?

It is already proved that Mount Everest is the highest peak of the World. 8,848 meters/29029 feet is the highest point of the world from sea level.

How many days does Everest Base Camp Treks take?

It takes minimum 8 days to reach to Everest base camp at 17600 feet by trekking. But also, for the fastest way, people take a helicopter to take the view of Mount Everest from Base Camp. We have to do slow going up to maintain our body fit for the attitude and lower atmospheric pressure.

What are the major activities in Everest?

Among the above activities mention in the Everest region, trekking or hiking, climbing and expedition are the major. Mainly, Everest region is famous for the base camp trek

Where is Everest Base Camp, exactly?

There are two base camps of Everest on the opposite side of Everest. One is located on Nepal side (south base camp) and another is in Tibet side (north base camp). Everest Base Camp is at an altitude of 5364 meters high in Nepal and 5150 meters from Tibet side. The most popular trekking tour to Everest base camp is from Nepal.

Is Mount Everest is a tourist attraction?

Of course, Mt. Everest is the main attraction while doing trekking and climbing in Nepal. The main attraction of Mount Everest is due to the highest peak in the world. Also, this region is famous for Sherpa culture, Sagarmatha National Park, Monasteries, flora & fauna, magnifying views of the Nature with Mountains ranges, etc. 

Can we see Mount Everest from Kathmandu?

It is true that Mount Everest can be seen from the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. If you have the desire to see the Mount Everest from a far distance. You can view the Everest from Kathmandu. To see the panoramic view of Mount Everest, you have reached the Chandragiri Hill. There are also other hill station and view tower nearby Kathmandu and you can see the Mountain ranges on clear days.

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