Alternatives of Everest Base Camp Trek

Alternatives of Everest Base Camp Trek

There are so many others Alternatives of Everest Base Camp Trek. Talking about the popular areas, Annapurna region is the main alternative of Everest base camp. Also, there are several options that we cannot neglect the trekking trials in Nepal. Similarly, you as trekkers can choose any trekking trial of Nepal as alternative of Everest base camp.

 Nepal is spreading its brand with the slug of “Naturally Nepal”. Nepal is rich in natural resources, mostly it is known as the place of highland. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. Moreover, Nepal is also known as the roof of the world. Nepal is the country where we can find the highest peak of the world to the deepest gorge with in the distance of 325 km.

Reason for choosing alternatives of Everest Base Camp

Everest base camp trek is one of the most famous treks in Nepal. As it is the world highest of the peak, Everest trek is also the dream trek for the all the hikers. Being the most popular trek along with it is danger, even trekkers are searching for the alternatives of Everest base camp trek.

Also the alternatives of the region. I think the main reason for searching alternatives of Everest is that the region is more crowded. Most of the people want to trek in Everest, so it becomes more crowded.

This trek is moderate while talking about the difficulty level. For beginners they should be taking easy (alternative) trek first and can go for the Everest base camp trek.

While talking about the budget of the trek, the rate of the trek is quite higher than other treks though the duration is similar. Due the geological structure, the transportation rates are high as compared to the other treks. I think these are the reason why trekkers search alternative of Everest trek.

Not only that but also some people also like to do peak climbing and expedition instead of trekking. We can get adventurous travel experience from peak climbing and expeditions. Visit here for climbing and expedition that Elite Treks provide for you.

List for the alternatives of Everest Base Camp Trek

While making the list of alternatives, I think it is better to differentiate according to the regional. Some trekker want to do the trek in the same region alternative of this trek and some of them want to try different other region for the trek. Nepal, where we can find more than hundreds of different trekking trials.

Alternatives in same Region

Alternatives in the same region can also be divided into two way like which contains base camp and others excluding base camp. Following are some examples that can be done:

  1. Everest three passes and base camp
  2. Gokyo Lake Trek
  3. Gokyo and Renjola Pass Trek
  4. Everest Kalapatthar Trek
  5. Everest Helicopter tour

These are the some examples of trek in Everest region. We can customize your trip according to your choice. Please send us a mail filling up this form for customizing, and get better trips with EliteTreks.

Alternative on other different Region

Other than Everest base camp, there are some alternatives that can stick upon any individual’s brain with only the splendid beauty of nature as well as some recreational activities. As mentioned above, the alternatives can be chosen when there are some health problems along with limited budget issues. In addition to it, chances of recreational activities such as expedition or peak climbing or even camping under the blue sky can be done.

The alternatives have different level of difficulty ranging from easy, moderate to dangerous. Moreover, beginners can choose alternatives such as Manaslu and others in the phase of commencing before they jump to the Everest base camp.

Some of the unique alternative trekking trails of Nepal can be noted as:

  1. Annapurna Base Camp Trek
  2. Manaslu Circuit Trek
  3. Poon Hill Trek
  4. Machhepuchre Base Camp trek
  5. Annapurna Circuit Trek
  6. Mardi Himal Trek
  7. Jomsom Muktinath Trek

Also, there are many activities in Everest as well read here about things to do in Nepal. To get touched with the best trekking agency in Nepal contact EliteTreks. We will help you to do trekking of any region of Nepal. Alos, Message us on, WhatsApp us +977-9846730910 or just send us an enquiry and we will reach out to you.

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    I like the article about Alternatives of Everest base camp trek, this is nice to read and gain the information about the trekking in Everest region. I like to know more information about the whole Everest region as well other trekking regions of Nepal. Are there any possibility to do some tour including the trekking?
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    1. Elite Treks

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