Types of Trekking In Nepal

types of trekking camping

While talking about the types of trekking in Nepal are tea house trek and camping trek on the basis of food and accommodation. These are the two major types of trekking operated by the package suppliers. And also, operator organizes the trekking as per the customer’s demand. In Nepal, mostly teahouse treks are famous because it is easy to operate. Trekking types are also related to destination of the trekking. In some destinations, there is no available of tea house so we have to camp trek like in Manaslu region till now we have to do camping trek. Other most of the destinations there are teahouse is available for food and accommodation.

List of Types of Trekking

Teahouse Trekking

In Nepal, teahouse trekking is most popular. Mostly the popular trekking destinations are linked with teahouse along the routes. Like we can find teahouses on the way to Everest base camp trek, which is the famous trek in the world. Hotels and lodges provide only accommodation whereas, teahouses provide the food and accommodation together.  Starting a teahouse trek refers that you will get the food and accommodation in the same place while trekking. The quality of teahouses is depended upon their location like if the teahouses are located higher elevation we may get low services. Moreover, well-known trials like Everest base camp and Annapurna base camp, we can get the luxury hotels along the way.

Camping Trekking

In comparison with tea houses trekking in Nepal, camping trekking is less famous. Camping trek can do within all trekking destinations in Nepal. This types of trekking are operated with a guide, assistant guide, porter, cook, kitchen helper, camp helper as a crew member. The crew members will vary with the trekking members. We carry food, fuel, trekking equipment, camping equipment, etc. with us along the trekking. Camping trek is the classic style of trekking with the extra adventure. The food for the camping trek, we provide fresh food without harmful by using less tin food rather we use as much as possible fresh fruits and vegetables.

These two are the major two types of trekking held in Nepal on the basis of food and accommodation. Also, we can categorize into different other types on the basis of relating aspect. Also, we as a tour and trekking organizer, we provide you with the following type of trekking in Nepal. Feel free to contact us for any types of tours and trekking in Nepal, we will do our best to provide you with the best quality facilities.

Service Trek (GAP)

Service trek is the economic way of trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal. In this trek, we only provide guide or guide com porter, porter, accommodation, where you have to pay yourself for the food directly to the hotel or where you get food. Our staff will organize all the arrangement during the trek.

What are the types of Trekking?

We usually categories into two types of trekking in Nepal i.e. tea house trek and camping trek on the basis of food and accommodation. Also, we can categories into different other types on the basis of related types. Like we can divide into three types on the basis of trekking difficulty levels.

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